FIFA 2016

fifa-2016FIFA 2016 is as the FIFA series has always been and should be – a true football simulation. As time has gone by, elements have been updated and it makes it all the more beautiful to watch as you play. With breathtaking graphics, take control of your favourite team and start to play the beautiful game. Whether home is Stanford Bridge in London, Etihad Stadium in Melbourne, Emirates or the Maracanã Stadium in Rio de Janeiro, you engage the most famous teams around the world.

Football Manager 2016

Football Manager is truly in a league of its own. While many football-related games focus on the players and the actual playing of the sport, Football Manager lets players take on the role of the football team’s manager. The Football Manager series was previously known as Championship Manager, and though the name had changed, the goal was always the same: an immersive game that puts the future of a club in your hands. There are different ways to play the game, and the most beloved mode is to typically take a low end team and drive it to the very top, to win as many trophies and leagues as possible. This also involves in-game press that needs to be dealt with, training players, and meeting the goals set out by the board of the football club. Now this might sound simple, but after a bit of playing, many things will come into play such as the business side of football, as well as the tactics needed to win on the field. It is safe to say that this is a well beloved series with a large following of fans who love to take on the reigns of a football club, whether it’s a new team or their favourite one in real life. It puts you at the heart of the action and gives you the chance to take a club and strategically build and train it to premier league level.

Pro Evolution Soccer 16

pes-2016Pro Evolution soccer has been in the picture for a while, and has always been focused on realistic gameplay. At the beginning of the series there were made-up names of players and teams being contenders for cups that don’t quite make sense. But it is the gameplay that sucks players into Pro Evolution, and immerses them in a thrill ride that will keep players on the edge of their seat. Another thing that places this game as a very good competitor for the top spot against other football simulations is the high level of graphics that really puts it in a league of its own. Another thing that works well is the clever tactics employed by this game, a game that doesn’t start players off easy. It proves to be quite challenging, as a game that will keep tensions high in an adrenaline fuelled match, and that will make you feel like you are on the pitch with a ball in your hands and the cup within reach.